With its 40 subsidiaries OBO Bettermann is manufacturing more than 30,000 products in more than 60 countries worldwide. A new approach Our job for OBO Bettermann was to recheck and rethink their national and international efforts, analog and digitally. From sales to marketing to their corporate identity: we left nothing undiscovered. We started by hosting […]

Porsche Taycan reveal

In 2019 the Porsche Taycan was revealed. For Porsche centres Dortmund, Recklinghausen and Soest we managed a common premiere event. an event with wow effect Whenever Porsche reveals a new model, it has to happen with a bang. We made it happen by managing an exclusive reveal ceremony at Warsteiner Music Hall. Numerous invited guests […]

Airport Memmingen 360° Marketing

From west to south – Allgäu may be well known as a destination for holidays, but in this case those who seek to travel profit from our expertise. Since its opening in 2007 Airport Memmingen developed into a successful place for flight guests – no matter if they are tourists, on a business trip or […]

Westfalenhallen Fair Friends

As an agency from the centre of the Ruhr area, we view Westfalenhallen certainly as a company rich in tradition. We are proudly cooperating with Westfalenhallen to shape sustainable and forward-looking topics. Alongside others of Westfalenhallen’s brands that we consult, we take great joy in accompanying the FAIR FRIENDS fair. promoting a green world FAIR […]