Airport Memmingen 360° Marketing

From west to south – Allgäu may be well known as a destination for holidays, but in this case those who seek to travel profit from our expertise. Since its opening in 2007 Airport Memmingen developed into a successful place for flight guests – no matter if they are tourists, on a business trip or coming home. Its flights offered the whole year round shall be offered beyond German borders to Austria and Switzerland.

lead agency

As lead agency we take care of Airport Memmingen’s full communication on any relevant channel and put our ideas and those of the airport framed by their CD, or even different ones, into action. Thus, in 2018 the decision was made to say good bye to their airport magazine as a printed product and the online magazine was developed. The magazine provides those who seek to travel with insights and highlights about destinations reachable from Memmingen, informs of what goes around behind the scenes and serves as a platform for travel bloggers to share their travel stories. As “FMM Explorer” they explore new and unknown destinations for the airport and form the base for the campaign we developed around it.

everything and more

Flight plans, flyers, posters, layout development, out-of-home, radio spots, online and tv spots, airline marketing, office equipment, fair appearances, 3D design, social media, content production, web development, online campaigns, airport signage, give away, b2b marketing, even street signs or someone playing the harp on the taxiway – we know how to airport!

our achievements

… or the base everything is build upon


consulting the costumer in terms of planning, implementation and project management


creation and layout as well as adaption for different formats for print and digital, technical implementation, final drawing and development of printing data


starting at media and budget planning to booking, production and logistics until the final implementation and reporting


the best photos from this project

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