With its 40 subsidiaries OBO Bettermann is manufacturing more than 30,000 products in more than 60 countries worldwide.

A new approach

Our job for OBO Bettermann was to recheck and rethink their national and international efforts, analog and digitally. From sales to marketing to their corporate identity: we left nothing undiscovered. We started by hosting intense workshops with every group of stakeholders to define differentiators and check on structures. The result is a new product and solution strategy as the base for every task that comes up today or in the future.

international and national means of communication

Every of todays tasks and efforts is based upon the new approach. We show responsible for any printed product and their digital adaption, for national and international fairs as well as for digital solutions on customer support member’s devices. As their lead agency we are proud to shape OBO Bettermann’s future.

our achievements


We consult OBO Bettermann with any strategic advice towards a differentiation from their competitor.


We understand sound design as a successful tool to meet strategic goals. Therefore our consulting results in meaningful communication design across any type of media, analog and digital.


Within this project development is to be understood as generating tools for sales and customer support. We help supporting customers target orientated and analyzable by developing applications for touchscreens and tablets.


the best photos from this project

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