Salzburg Airport customer magazine SAM

Our aviation expertise spans over several European countries. For three years now we consult and assist Salzburg Airport. Salzburg Airport presents itself as a modern regional airport that creates jobs and as a potential investor develops more and more into an important driver for economy and tourism.

lead agency

As their lead agency we are responsible to enhance the corporate design, conceptual design images, develop campaigns and plan media appearances as well as to create and produce any kind of printed product. Therefore, the creation and production of SAM – Salzburg Airport Magazine – is our duty. The customer magazine is getting released three times a year with a lot of 13,000. It addresses business and other regular flight guests as well as individuals interested in traveling, VIPs and aeronautics.

a likable mix

It is a likable mix of travel reports, VIP information and up to date news from the fields of airport, airlines and flying.

our achievements

… or the base everything is build upon


consulting the costumer regarding the structure of pages as well as the presentation of content, project management


creation and layout of the magazine, including research, choice and edit of photos, final drawing and development of printing data


decision on the print shop, execution and supervision of the process as well as final quality check


the best photos from this project

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